2021 Cheer & Pom Season News & Updates

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2021 – Cheer / Pom  Important Updates:

6/1 Registration Opens

7/7 Registration Closed

8/16 - 8/19 - First week of practice. Mon-Thus 6:00-8:00 Baker Middle School 

8/23 - 8/26 - Second week of practice. Mon-Thus 6:00-8:00 Baker Middle School 

8/28 Opening Day -  (Regular season games every Saturday until 10/30)

8/30  First Day of School

8/30  Practice drops to 2 days a week. {Look for email from coach with details}

10/25 - 10/28 Competition practice 

10/30  Last regular season game

11/1 - 11/4  Competition practice 

11/6  Playoff Game

11/7 CCFL Cheer and Pom Competition

11/13 Playoff Game

11/14 CDE Competition 

11/20 Super Bowl 

Expo - TBD

Banquets  - TBD

Volunteer Policy
DSA is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing an enjoyable, rewarding sport experience to children and their parents. We receive NO public funding and our success is the RESULT of the WORK DONE BY OUR VOLUNTEERS. Parent(s) of each participant are to volunteer in the Concession Stand located at Damascus High School. All parents/guardians are required to volunteer the number of hours requested to assist with their child’s current sport’s program. If a volunteer is unable to fulfill a position, a replacement must be found. If an assigned position is left open and unaccounted for, that volunteer’s membership will be assessed a fee of $100 (must be paid within 5 business days). Additionally, that family’s membership will be placed on hold after the 5 business days and no one registered through this membership will be permitted to participate in any sport until such fee is paid in full.

Important Information From the MVA Regarding ID Cards

Maryland Identification Cards are mandatory for all players to participate in DSA Cheer and Poms. ID cards can be obtained from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. All ID cards will need to be turned in to your coach by August 20, 2021! We highly recommend obtaining this identification card for your child as soon as possible, as it will take approx. 2 weeks to receive. The instructions on how to obtain a card are located here: ( All players should check the expiration date of their current ID cards.

Damascus Sports Swap

Are you wondering what to do with your children’s outgrown sport clothing and gear? We have a buy/sell page on Facebook to help with this problem called Damascus Sports Swap. It is a site where parents can either buy, sell or trade their gently used sporting gear.

Join Here:

Letter from the Board of Directors to all DSA Members

DSA now has a “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding inappropriate behavior from all of those involved with DSA. This policy will encompass all interactions during the course of the pre-season, regular season and post-season, which shall include but not be limited to the following: practices, games, opening day ceremonies, all-stars, tournaments and any other league sponsored event(s). By registering your child with DSA you are agreeing to abide by this policy effective immediately, which includes the following conditions:
1. All persons involved with DSA including parents/guardians, players, commissioners/coaches, Board Members and umpires/officials shall abide by the Zero Tolerance Policy and all the rules governing the league.
2. It is the duty of all commissioners/coaches to control their players and spectators at all times.
3. No parent or spectator will have any communication with MCPS/school employees or representatives at any time regarding a DSA event. Only commissioners/coaches are permitted to communicate with MCPS/school employees. Anyone in violation will be immediately removed from the field or field area and forbidden to return until disciplinary action(s)/decision(s) have been made.
4. Coaches should teach their players to respect the dignity of the game, the authority of its officials, the value of the opponent and the institutions they represent.
5. Cursing, obscene or threatening gestures or language, harassment of any kind, malicious or personal remarks between opponents, players, spectators or officials on or off the field will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action. Anyone in violation will be immediately removed from the field or field area and forbidden to return until disciplinary action(s)/decision(s) have been made.
6. Telephone/Verbal/Email/Social Media/In-person assaults, harassment and/ or threats are strictly forbidden and grounds for immediate ban from all DSA activities.
7. Any and all questions, concerns or reports regarding a disciplinary problem(s) and or action(s) can be directed in person to any DSA Board member or by email at Any and all information and concerns are strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than the parties involved.

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