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DSA Spring 2019 Rec Coaches

13U – David Retherford

Coach David has amazing resume with 14 years of coaching experience from kids as young as tball all the way through 18U select and assistant coach at DHS Varsity Baseball. I am thrilled to have such an experienced and knowledgeable coach in our program at our 13U level. Coach David has a coaching style that emphasizes on having fun, team work, commitment and improvement while focusing on the game. Coach David says "A baseball/softball field is a great place for young kids to have good life experiences and to learn from these experiences. I enjoy coaching the kids and seeing them learn and commit themselves to getting better."

13U - Jen Ringler

Coach Jen has an amazing resume, having played through our DSA Softball program, DHS, and in college. I believe she is a fabulous addition to our team. She has been coaching youth since 2012, including middle school softball. I am thrilled that she is volunteering her time to give back to the program after she finishes her day as a teacher. She loves working with middle school girls and I'm thrilled to have our girls learn from her!

10U – Darren Francke

The Head Coach of our 14U Yellow Jacket All Star team, Darren, is splitting his time in rec too! Coach Darren has been coaching softball for many years. He believes that focusing on fundamentals, repetition, and sportsmanship is crucial for kids. Also needing to make learning those skills fun and fast paced. Finally, the only way to achieve success is with honor. Those are the principals that guide him as a coach. We are thrilled to keep one of our veteran coaches!

10U – Dominick Cammuso

Coach Dominick is a returning 10U head coach from the fall. Dominick has been coaching in different capacities in our DSA softball program for the last couple years at both the rec and select levels with his older daughter. We are happy to have him returning as a head coach this spring!

8U – Ryan Graves 

Coach Ryan is a returning 8U coach from both fall and spring of 2018. Ryan has had fabulous reviews! I have watched him coach and admired the way he works with the girls, connects with families and has a passion for the game. I am thrilled to have him back as a coach this year!

8U – Brittany Marshall 

Coach Brittany is also a returning head coach from from spring 2018. Her ability to connect with families and players is amazing, she has had great reviews, she has played fastpitch softball and has great coaching experience. I am excited to have her back this spring!

8U – Matt Walker

Coach Matt has been involved as a DSA coach for many years. He prioritizes safety, a growth mindset, and mindfulness of the game while promoting hard work, perseverance and dedication for players and coaches alike. We’re happy to welcome him to the Softball family.

DSA Fall 2018 Rec Coaches

18U – Randy Schmitz - Green

Randy has been coaching softball for six seasons and has been an assistant coach for his daughter's travel team.  He has also played center field for his co-ed's softball team for the past 13 years.  Randy's coaching style reflects building self confidence, enhancing skillsets, executing situational play and promoting good sportsmanship. This is Randy's first season coaching at the High School level and he is excited to represent Damascus.

13U – Darren Franke - Gold

Coach Darren has remained one of our strong coaches in our program and we are happy to have him back. Darren started coaching Fastpitch softball in Spring of 2015. This game is vastly different from baseball and when coaching his girls, he focuses on developing the fundamental skills so as they grow they have a solid foundation to achieve success. As an international instructor in leadership, Coach Darren includes leadership development when working with his athletes. He primarily uses positive reinforcement as it is proven superior in developing life long skills.

13U – Matt Ruffner - Green

Coach Matt is returning this fall for his 12th season with DSA, and his 5th season coaching softball. He has coached at the 10U level for 4 seasons and is excited about the jump to the 13U level as his daugher has moved up!

10U – Dominick Cammuso - Green

Coach Dominick is stepping into the head coaching role after asssiting on our select Yellow Jackets team this past spring where his older daugher played. He has also been an assistant coach for 10U the previous two seasons as well. He has 35 years of experience playing sports himself and is ready to lead his team. He prioritizes teaching the kids to play the game correctly, teaching sportsmanship, making sure the kids have fun and to be successful to win. 

8U – Ryan Graves - Gold

Ryan is back with softball after a successful spring season. He was thrilled to join the softball this past spring's coaching staff after coaching tball for DSA for the past two years. He currently serves as an assistant principal, taught physical education at the elementary level and was a HS wrestling coach for the 13 years. 

8U – Eve Remaley - Green

Coach Eve is excited to join us as a head coach this season after being a huge asset to one of our 8U teams as an assitant last spring. Coach Eve has been working with kids in Damascus for the past 2.5 years and counting. She herself is an active athlete and is excited for the oppoirtunity to share that with her team. Her coaching philosophy is first and foremost to be encouraging. To always have positive feedback and support the girls in their efforts. To always find the good in every situation and encourage the girls to be brave. Uplifting is very important to her as well. No negativity is allowed! 

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