FAQs (cheerleading)

DSA Cheer/Pom Rec Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age or grade does my daughter have to be to participate in the DSA Cheer/Pom Program?

A: The age for participating in the DSA Cheer/Pom program is age 4 – 14. {Age as of August 31, 2017}

Squads are as follows:

4 – 5 – Mini
5 – 6 – Pep
8 & Under
10 & Under
12 & Under
14 & Under

10 & Under
12 & Under
14 & Under
Participants are able to sign up for Pom starting in the 3rd grade.

Participants will automatically be placed in their age group as of August 31, 2017.

Q. What is the Cost to participate in the DSA Cheer/Pom Rec Program?

A. The average total cost to participate in the DSA Cheer/Pom Rec program is about $270.00. The cost will vary per participant based upon if they are returning or new to the program. Here is a price break down:

· Cheer/Pom Required merchandise – about $100.00 – $120.00 (Crop top, brief, shoes, dance pants (Poms only) pompoms & hair bow). This cost varies if the participant is a returning participant or new to the program or changing ages group (pony to varsity for example).

Registration fee is:
$130.00 for Mini and Pep.
$155.00 for all other squads.
Registration does not include the DSA Annual Family Fee of $40

Q. What does the registration fee cover?

A. The registration fees covers field permits for practices and Expo, competitions fees, awards and other administrative fees.

Q. What does the registration fee NOT Cover?

A. Uniform Deposit for those participating in squads 8U and over. The purchase of the Mini and Pep uniform. The purchase of cheer and pom accessories (crop top, briefs, dance pants, pompons, etc.)

Q. Where are the practices held and how long are the practices each week?

A. Summer Practice schedule are held at Baker MS – Outdoor’s. Starting the end of September or early October the DSA Cheer/Pom Program moves indoor’s. We have practices throughout the Damascus Cluster Schools (Damascus ES, Clearspring ES, Baker MS, Cedar Grove ES). Coaches will be assigned a Damascus Cluster school for indoor practices.

During regular season, which begins once school starts, then practices are held 2 days a week for 2 hours. Announcement given during summer practice of when and where indoor practices will take place.
Competition Practices being the last 2 weeks in October prior to the first competition.

Q. Does my daughter have to participate in the competitions?

A. Yes, your daughter has to participate in competition if she in on the 6U and over squads. If she is on a Mini she does not.
DSA Cheer/Pom Program participates in 2 competitions.

Q. Do I have to buy the Cheer/Pom Uniform?

A. If your daughter is placed on the Mini or Pep Squad – Yes. The cost for the Pep Squad Uniform is about $50.00

If your daughter is placed on a 8U and older squad, then you do not need to purchase a uniform. You will borrow a uniform owned by the DSA Program. You will be required to give a $150.00 deposit before you will be issued a uniform.

Q. When are try-outs for DSA Cheer/Pom Rec?

A. There are no try-outs.  Each participants will automatically be placed in their age group as of August 31, 2017.

Q. Do I have to have an MVA ID Card for my daughter in order for her to participate in this program or will a Birth Certificate do?

A. Yes. DSA Cheer and Pom Program is part of CCYFL and therefore we are required to have a MVA ID card for each of our participants. The coaches are to begin the collection of MVA ID cards during summer practice.  We are required to have an MVA ID card during all games and competition. The ID card will be used as proof of age for any outside competition and used for roster certification for CCYFL.  DSA Cheer and Pom coaches will collect and hold all cards until the end of the season. MVA ID cards are to be given to the coaches by the end of the second week of summer practice, this is non-negotiable. If a participant does not have an MVA card on file before the first game of the season the participant will not be able to. MVA ID cards will be returned to the parents at the end of the season.

Q. What is the time commitment to participate in the DSA Cheer/Pom Rec Program?

A. Your time commitment goes from mid August to Mid-November.

Summer Practice Schedule – We begin practice the two weeks before the new Montgomery Co school year begins and are 4 days per week in the evening.

  • Regular Season Practice: Cheer/Pom moves into regular season once the new school year begins. Practice are held 2 nights per week for 2 hours (6-8pm).
  • Football Games: Games are on Saturday or an occasional Sunday, when weather does not cooperate. Participants are expected to attend and perform at games.
  • Competitions: DSA Cheer/Pom will be participating in 2 competitions at the end of October/early November. All participants are required to participate in both competitions. In addition, during Competition, your child will arrive with the entire DSA Cheer/Pom Group and REMAIN AT COMPETITION UNTIL ALL DSA TEAMS (BOTH CHEER & POM) HAVE PERFORMED.
  • Competition Practices: During the two weeks before competition, practice maybe up to 5 evenings per week and a Saturday before competition. Some coaches may call an extra practice at times if needed.

Q. Can my the my daughter participate on an All-star Team and DSA at the same time?

A. No member shall be a member of more than one squad. They must not cheer for a high school or All Star team during the DSA season if they will be a registered member of a DSA squad. The DSA season is defined as the beginning of practice to either the in-league competition or the Super Bowl, whichever is later.

Q. As a Parent, do I have to volunteer for the program?

A. Yes. You have a volunteer requirement if your child is participating in this program. The number of hours is determined on the needs of the program. You will be required to volunteer in the concession stand.

  • Volunteer Policy – DSA is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing an enjoyable, rewarding sport experience to children and their parents. We receive NO public funding and our success is the RESULT of the WORK DONE BY OUR VOLUNTEERS. Parent(s) of each participant are to volunteer in the Concession Stand located at Damascus High School. All parents/guardians are required to volunteer the number of hours requested to assist with their child’s current sport’s program. If a volunteer is unable to fulfill a position, a replacement must be found. If an assigned position is left open and unaccounted for, that volunteer’s membership will be assessed a fee of $100 (must be paid within 5 business days). Additionally, that family’s membership will be placed on hold after the 5 business days and no one registered through this membership will be permitted to participate in any sport until such fee is paid in full.

Q. What is Expo?

A. Expos is the end of the cheer & Pom season exhibit where we perform our competition routines for family and friends. The event takes place mid-November of every year and is held after all competitions are completed.