Rising Stars

DSA Rising Stars

Rising Star Basketball – Winter 2017/2018 Season

To register for DSA Rising Stars tryout: click the link below:


Tryouts will be held at Damascus High School October 2 – 11, 2017

Monday 2-Oct-17 7:30 PM 8th boys 8:30 PM 6th girls
Tuesday 3-Oct-17 7:30 PM 5th girls 8:30 PM 5th boys
Wednesday 4-Oct-17 7:30 PM 6th boys 8:30 PM 7th girls
Thursday 5-Oct-17 7:30 PM 8th girls 8:30 PM 7th boys


Fourth Grade Boys and Girls Skills Evaluation
To help bridge the gap between Hoopsters Basketball (K-3rd) and the Rising Star Leagues (5th-8th), DSA Basketball offers 4th graders an opportunity to play on a DSA supported team. These teams will compete in the 4th grade Montgomery County Recreation Department winter basketball league. There will be both boys and girls teams forming for the upcoming season. DSA will hold a skills evaluation practice to determine players general skill level and place them on the appropriate team based on their skill level.

The skills evaluation will take place during the week of October 9th.
4th Grade Girls: Monday, October 9th at 7:30 PM @Damascus High School
4th Grade Boys: Monday, October 9th at 8:30 PM @Damascus High School

To register for the 4th grade skills evaluation, click on the link below (registration link is grouped together with rising stars)


! Anyone with questions or interest in coaching a 4th grade team (boys or girls) should contact Wesley Marshall: coachwesley15@gmail.com.